Nikki is a graduate of Columbia University in behavioral neuroscience and biology. Her educational and research focus has been on the molecular underpinnings of how stress and brain tumors impact the brain. She currently works in DIPG research at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Over the last several years, she has been increasingly active in patient advocacy, scientific communication, and health literacy research with foundations such as Gift from a Child and Tough2Gether. Nikki’s work focuses on helping patient families understand the basic science needed to make decisions on clinical trials and treatment decisions for their children. One of the tools developed for this purpose, Brain Tumor 101, is an ongoing series of lectures on the science behind pediatric brain tumors and will debut at Brainstorm Summit.

Outside of brain tumor research, she is also passionate about better accommodation and access to higher education for students with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Nikki is a current MD/Ph.D. applicant with the intent to pursue both the clinical and research aspects of pediatric neuro-oncology.

Nikki Lyons