Every hero has a story lies within a mother who has conquered so many fears and has faced many obstacles in her life and she’s never given up. My strength and my struggles is how i worked through the toughest time in my life. At the tender age of 8 years old she began to fight for her life when she was stroke by a mini van – 20 years later she relived her childhood life taking care of her first love who happen to be her son – she stood beside him while he fought for his life and she remained strong and positive through out it all …. With all the hurt and pain She’s found comfort in writing – The grieving mother of 3 decided to write a book about her life and how she’s never given up when life has given her many reason to. Faith had a lot to do with it but what she had was beyond faith – she believed in something greater than faith. She’s a firm believer in God and trusts that God has a purpose for her Journey.

Amanda DeCicco