Dr. Davison is a Healthcare Executive Advisor in the Academic Medicine vertical at Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a board certified physician in Internal Medicine with sub-specialty certification in Clinical Informatics, she is passionate about bridging the data chasm between clinical care and scientific discovery.

At AWS, Dr. Davison is part of a team of healthcare subject matter experts that drive strategic initiatives where cloud computing to can enable innovation to improve experiences for patients, providers, and populations. Prior to this role, she was previously a full-time faculty member at Johns Hopkins University where she had leadership roles with the Technology Innovation Center, the Biomedical Informatics & Data Science education program, and in the Population Health Management program at the School of Public Health.

She looks forward to continuing her support for the broader DIPG/DMG community with various initiatives, including democratizing access to data, widening the circle of investigators leveraging the data, and incorporating generative AI to accelerate time to science and meaningful impact on patients.

Ashwini Davison, MD