In 2019, after experiencing right sided weakness, I received an MRI. Based on the size and location of my tumor, doctors diagnosed me with DMG. But then, my brain biopsy revealed it to be a Pilocytic Astrocytoma. I then had Radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Followed by that I had 5 doses of Avastin. My tumor shrank significantly! It’s still there but has remained stable for nearly 2 years!

For my Make-A-Wish, I decided to use it to create t-shirts to sell and have the funds go to Tough2gether! I raised over $3,000 so far and plan on raising more! I continue to create garden flags in honor of the children fighting and those who have passed. Creating the garden flags, I was able to raise more than $1,000 so far! I love to spread awareness and be a voice for all these precious children battling this horrific disease!

I have now been increasing my strength through physical therapy. I am also in my last two semesters of Associates degree in Business! With this I plan on continuing my work in the childhood cancer community.

Lily Mckinstry